Sports injuries:
Dr. Ho treats all sports injuries of the foot and ankle, with care customized to each patient. He focuses on return to the highest level activity for each patient, utilizing both conservative treatment options for surgery. In athletes he employs the most advanced techniques and technologies that are supported by research to help patients return to play as soon as possible. He works closely with athletic trainers and physical therapists to maximize patient outcomes. He utilizes minimally invasive surgery techniques to minimize complications and improve results. He uses specialize instruments to perform his Achilles repairs through an incision up to 80% smaller than standard repairs.
Common conditions:
• Achilles ruptures
• Tendon tears
• Cartilage injuries
• Ankle sprains
• Minimally invasive treatment with ankle arthroscopy

Joint replacement:
Dr. Ho performs joint replacements of the foot and ankle using procedures that are backed from strong and consistent research. He embraces new technologies and implants that are shown to benefit patients. He performs total ankle replacements using up to date implants with a long history of success. He performs synthetic cartilage replacement for arthritis of the great toe, which is an exciting new implant that was released in the US in July of 2017. He participated in the very first synthetic cartilage replacement in the US and is excited to offer this treatment in his practice. For further information, click here.
Common conditions:
• Total ankle replacement
• Great toe replacement with synthetic cartilage

Dr. Ho treats arthritis of the foot and ankle. He customizes his care to each patient to help them experience pain relief and return to the highest level of activity. Dr. Ho works closely with orthotists to find the right orthotics and braces that are tailored to each patient. Dr. Ho performs a wide variety of surgery to help patients who have failed conservative treatment. He uses minimally invasive techniques combined with new technology and implants to help decrease the risks of surgery and maximize outcomes.
Common conditions:
• Ankle arthritis
• Foot arthritis

Deformity reconstruction:
Dr. Ho has a strong passion and interest in caring for complex and congenital deformities of the foot and ankle, which are difficult problems that can severely limit even the smallest daily activities. He utilizes techniques backed by strong literature combined with new technologies to help restore normal alignment to the foot and ankle and allow for pain-free activity. He has extensive training and experience in caring for rare foot and ankle conditions as well as chronic and severe deformities.
Common conditions:
• Congenital deformities
• Acquired deformities
• Flat feet (pes planovalgus)
• High arch feet (cavovarus)

Foot problems can be difficult to treat and many patients do not experience the outcomes they desire after foot surgery. Dr. Ho helps to utilize patient reported outcomes to help better understand patient pain and function problems. This allows for customized care that helps identify treatment options that have the highest reliability of improving patient outcomes. Dr. Ho was given the J. Leonard Goldner Award in 2016 by the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society for outstanding research on how patient reported outcomes can improve patient care.

Heel pain from plantar fasciitis can be completely debilitating and some patients continue to have pain despite prolonged treatment. Dr. Ho utilizes a treatment protocol that demonstrated a 92% success rate in patients who had plantar fasciitis for more than ten months and failed all previous treatment.
Common conditions:
• Bunions (hallux valgus)
• Morton's neuroma
• Heel pain
• Plantar fasciitis

Broken bones (fracture):
Dr. Ho has extensive experience in caring for all variety of broken bones in the foot and ankle, both simple and complex. He utilizes minimally invasive techniques whenever possible and up to date implants to minimize risk and maximize outcomes. He works closely with physical therapists to help patients regain their strength and flexibility after their injuries.
Common conditions:
• Ankle fracture
• Foot fracture
• Tibia fracture